Log cabins are perfect for vacation homes, second homes, or those looking to downsize into a smaller log home.

Build a Simple Log Cabin

Economical and modestly-sized, log cabins fit easily on small lots in the woods or lakeside. Browse our selection of small cabin plans, including cottages, log cabins, cozy retreats, lake houses and more. Log Cabin Floor Plans Log cabins are perfect for vacation homes, second homes, or those looking to downsize into a smaller log home.

Sherwood Home Plan by Katahdin Cedar Creekside Log Cabin Plan by Coventry Mountain Lakes Home plan by Coventry The Denali is 1, sq. The unique dual pitch roof creates ample lo Through our extensive network of authorized Katahdin Dealers and Builders, we can meet and surpass yo The functional first floor is pure comfort and captures incredible views from each room.

Sherwood Timber Home Plan by Wisconsin Log Homes The 4-bedroom Sherwood timber home plan by Wisconsin Log Homes features a spacious kitchen with double islands, laundry room, patio, pergola, outdoor fireplace, and main-floor master bedroom suite. Pinecone Log Home Floor Plan by Wisconsin Log Homes Ideal as a full time residence or secondary home, the Pinecone makes everyday living comfortable and functional for all.

Lakefront Timber Home Floor Plan by Wisconsin Log Homes The 4-bedroom, ranch-style Lakefront timber home floor plan by Wisconsin Log Homes features a walkout basement, first-floor master bedroom ensuite, deck, rec room, and bar area.

The 1, sf. We enjoyed every part of our log home building experience. Chateau Qu'Appelle 2 Log Home Plan by True North Log Homes This is a wonderful new log home model that boasts 2 floors, a loft area, catwalk to a beautiful timber frame accented upper deck.

An open-concept dining and great room area, with soaring cathedral ceilings, offers views of the lake, forest and skies from anyw Keyword Search. Appalachian Log Structures Inc. Cedar LogSystems Inc. Hearthstone, Inc. International Homes of Cedar Inc.

Lumberjack Log Homes Inc.Email address:. Disclaimer This article may contain affiliate links, this means that at no cost to you, we may receive a small commission for qualifying purchases. Having a cabin in the woods of your own is a dream many share, some casually, some very passionately and for reasons that vary. But, even if your reasons differ, not many end up building a cabin in the woods. Because it is not always easy to leave the hustle and bustle of city life or even the quaint and comfortable reliance of a small town and retire in the gorgeous yet daunting woods permanently.

The challenges are plenty. From water to electricity to food and other home appliance supplies; there is a whole lot to take into consideration. So, what to do when you finally make up your mind to head to the woods with all that you own? You look for two options. Either you purchase an already constructed cabin, or you make one on your own.

simple log cabin plans

The latter is definitely a cheaper alternative and also one that offers you several options for customization. Here are thirty-three small cabin plans for you to choose from. Some people want to make this move with their families, and for such folks, there are cabins that can accommodate a small-sized family easily.

And again, there are cabins that are so small, only one individual can live in them and with not too many things brought along. There are enough to catch your eye and leave you satisfied. This lovely wooden cabin is bigger than others on this list but is ideal for people who want to not only live alone but also for those who want to live as a nuclear family unit. It has enough space for a good sized wood stove and is the right size of cozy to feel right at home. Sometimes the most precious things in life are those that do not cripple you with insurmountable debts.

We would all fancy a huge suburban house with extensive facilities, but the housing market will not do many favors in that regard. The cost of a large and well-furnished home is just too high to afford, and in that case, a rustic and small cabin that you can make on your own feels very homely.We want to take a moment to communicate our efforts and our commitment to you, our client. We are remaining mindful as we work to support and protect our customers, team members and the communities that we serve.

Nationwide builder network. We have customizable floor plans. We make it easier with our complete package. We have built in 49 states plus Canada. Click on the map or enter the Zip Code where you want to build to lookup that area's representative. Email Us. Request Information. Let your imagination run wild. We offer full log, half log, and exposed beam timber frame options. We are best known for our one-stop-shopping "Complete" package, but we also offer shell and one of a kind packages.

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Although we have structured our services so you do not need to visit our headquarters to create your perfect home, our visitors receive many additional perks. You will be able to explore our 8, sq.

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You will also become acquainted with the manufacturing process as we show you how we dry your logs in both the kiln and mill. Each log uniquely fits the style of the home.

If it is your goal to have your home designed before you leave our headquarters, we will make sure it happens. Thousands of homeowners have been able to offset traveling expenses through our travel bucks program.

simple log cabin plans

Get our 84 page plan book today. Floor Plan Details. More Photos. Double Eagle Deluxe AL. Spearfish Country's Best AL.Building a cabin yourself is much more economical than buying a prefab storage shed.

With such a big price increase I decided that if I wanted to add a cabin to my property I had to build it myself. Did you use this instructable in your classroom? Add a Teacher Note to share how you incorporated it into your lesson. This picture shows the center rafter board. I measured over 6 feet to the center.

Then draw the line to make the angle. Then draw that line. This is what the metal roofing is screwed to. Here is where it started to get complicated for me. I was looking for a 12x16 cabin, but once i looked at it I decided I wanted the whole 12x16 for floor space so i added a 4 foot porch to the 12x16 to make it a 12x20 total building instead of a 12x12 inside living space. Studding in the front wall and front door frame, it was a hot day!!

Here's my dooraggin' Dad! Just had to take a picture of this! Here are the gable ends finished with the batten strips attached. All that's left for them are the two vents. I was a little surprised that so many were so critical of your building techniques. No, they are not to "government" standards, but they are fine in this instance based on the size of the structure. I will wager that the building will still be there when most posting here are dead and gone as long as you continue to do maintenance on it as required.

I like it and it is a nice cabin. Building codes are different everywhere, and I actually built a small 20x20 cabin using almost similar techniques 25 years ago when I was very young and had limited building skills at the time. My small cabin was in a rural county location where there were no building codes at the time, so I could do it however I wanted.

I used 6x6 pressure treated posts no concrete eitheralthough I put them about 4 ft down on hard undisturbed soil with about an inch of gravel in the bottom of the hole, then packed them back with the dirt I dug out of them. To this day my 6x6 posts are still as solid as the day I buried them. My cabin is 8 ft off the ground due to flooding possibilities, so it sits almost 20 ft off the ground at the ridge points.

I have done very little maintenance on it as well, since it was stained instead of painting. I haven't even had to stain it again. I used a good acrylic stain and it is amazing how well it has held up. My building is still standing today and we use it often. It looks exactly as it did the day I completed it really other than the trees around it are all much larger and I have improved the interior over the years.If you are thinking of building your own log cabin, then the design and plan you select is one of the most important stages.

Unfortunately, not all small log cabin plans are designed equal…. Small log cabin plans come in different forms, sizes, styles and require different construction techniques. From a small cabin plan with a loft and square feet, to a two bedroom log cabin plan with 1, square foot, you will find a variety of beautiful small log home plans.

simple log cabin plans

So, take this list of 19 small log cabin plans and use them for inspiration to build a log cabin today…. Build This Cabin. Your email address will not be published.

Name required. Email required, never shared.

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Small Log Cabin Plans At Log Cabin Hub, we have hand selected 19 small log cabin plans, each along with a detailed design and instructions for how to build them. Once you have found the right plan, click on the build button to get more information. Easy 1. This particular cabin was built by a family of 5, in just 5 days! There is also the option to expand the floor space by almost half, as this family did, by adding deck space. Easy 1 floor s sq ft Log Cabin Made from full logs, this cabin is ideal for someone who wants to experience a true log cabin build on a small scale.

It uses the very popular saddle notch which gives a typical log cabin finished. This cabin would be ideal for a fishing retreat or a tiny home getaway and it is perfect for a single occupant or a couple. The plans take you through the process of debarking trees, right the way to installing the roof.

This cabin also has a loft area which is perfect for a bedroom.

WOW! Small Log Cabin Homes

It is off-grid and the couple who built this, built a seperate toilet outside. Easy 1 floor s sq ft Tiny Cabin This basic log cabin would suit a single occupant or couple. The pack includes plenty of details including cross sections of the piers and footings, elevations and floorplans. This home would be more suited to those who are seriously considering tiny home living due to the very small size.

This cabin was built by two women and the walls, windows and doors were placed to minimize the amount of lifting they would have to do. This article takes you through laying the foundation, the walls and the roof as well as a photos of the process and a flooplan. Easy 1 floor s sq ft Rustic The blueprints for this cabin were designed by Earl Hardy who has designed over 1, residential homes so you can be sure these are well thought out!

The plans include step by step instructions on how to build the log cabin, as well as a detailed materials list. They also include elevations, floorplans and electrical wiring plans. It has space for all the appliances you need as well as a loft space, which has ladder access for extra storage or sleeping space.

It uses an uncomplicated design built on stilts. This design is completely off grid and can be built using no power tools. Easy 1 floor s sq ft Ellis The designer of this cabin recommends always building your own cabin over buying a pre-fab kit. This cabin is very basic on the exterior and the interior and so would therefore suit someone who wants a simple back-to-basics cabin.

Although the living space is small, there is space for all necessities within the open plan living and kitchen space on the ground floor.

Up the ladders to the loft space, there is space for a double bed. I would recommend this home for those looking for a guest house. This plan gives detailed instructions from laying the foundation, to raising the walls and all the costs involved. Easy 1 floor s sq ft The Guest This small log cabin has a great porch area on the front.

The plans come complete with floorplan, elevation and cross-section as well as a construction checklist which has handy hints and tips in it.Living in a beautiful hand crafted log cabin will make a lot of homesteaders and off-grid dreams come true…. This guide is the starting point for anyone looking to build a log cabin from scratch.

In an age of pre-fabricated furniture and modular concrete homes, a log cabin provides a unique character oozing craftsmanship, rustic charm and nature. Building a log cabin does not have to take huge amounts of previous experience, skill or talent, but, it will take hard work, planning, good tools and natural resources.

The guide below will reveal, in-detail, everything you need to know when it comes to building your own log cabin. Top-tip You can click the infographic below to be taken to a full-size graphic with specific information. Building a log cabin requires lots of physical and hard-work. Most of your work will be felling, cutting, peeling, notching and lifting your logs as you build the cabin.

Lots of beginners will often ask:.

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This guide will answer all of those questions… and more importantly it will show, discuss and teach you how to build a log home. Planning to build a log cabin is the most important phase…. Not planning your new log home is one of the most common mistakes beginners make. It will take around days to build a log cabin from scratch; make sure you spend significant time planning and making yourself comfortable with all of the phases and construction processes involved.

We mean a full construction schedule detailing: log preparation; site clearance; foundations; construction; and everything else that you will discover goes into building a perfect log home. The actual design of your log cabin can either seem like a very daunting phase or an opportunity to express your creative genius… depending upon your personality type and skills.

If you are the former then I would suggest contacting a specialist log cabin architect; we have a host of advice, questions to ask and how to find the right architect here. These plans have been drawn by architects and feature floor plans and elevations.

That should be more than enough for both the left and right sides of the brain to complete their log cabin designs! Once your plans are finalized; visit the municipal planning department to ensure your plans adhere to building codes. Also, get a builder or structural engineer to validate the structural properties of your cabin. Most, if not all, countries in the world have planning laws, regulations, building codes and zoning laws. With every system comes loopholes and avoidance, however, typically you must get really creative or just build a really small log cabin to avoid these regulations.

The size varies from county to county, but your log home would need to be built less than 20x15ft to avoid state regulations. Make sure you read and understand building codes and zoning laws. Seek legal advice wherever possible, the last thing you want is a municipal building regulator ordering the demolition of your log cabin. If you are in the US start by reading this and in the UK read this. Top-tip The easiest, cheapest and fastest way to get logs for your log cabin is to buy land with suitable trees already there.

For those who already have land or are building on family land then the primary factor should be to research any legal elements and ensure good utilities and services are available to connect your log home to. Keeping the cost down for your log cabin is obviously an important factor. During the planning phase, you should look to eliminate all uncertainty around costs, materials and tools.

Significant costs for a log home are incurred during the following activities and or purchasing the following materials:. A lot of the costs above can be saved or minimised if you look to use your own natural materials and build the cabin by hand.

simple log cabin plans

Building a log cabin on a very tight budget is achievable, however, you will have to upcycle, bribe free labour and use your own logs. For a detailed cost breakdown read how much does it cost to build a log cabin. We have now covered planning your log cabin. You should be able to answer the following questions:.

Log Cabin Floor Plans

The construction phase can come across as being very daunting! We are confident that you have all the information and expert guidance required in this guide to succeed. Foraging for trees involves: finding; felling; hauling; debarking and drying.Use one of the free cabin plans below to build the cabin of your dreams that you and your family can enjoy on vacation, the weekends, or even as a full-time home. You can use these cabin plans to build the cabin just how it's outlined or make some changes so you can get that custom cabin feel that's just right for your family.

Oxbow Timber Mart. This free cabin plan is a page PDF file that contains detailed instructions, a materials list, and plan drawings.

Illustrations and real pictures are shown throughout the plan so you can be sure you're building it correctly. There's a total of 15 steps and almost 50 images to help you with this building project. Once finished, you can see the inside of this cabin for wiring details, insulation tips, flooring and wall finishing, and furniture ideas. Today's Plans. This free cabin plan outlines a square foot structure, which is perfect for building within the confines of a small space and would make a great tiny home.

The plan includes roof and wall framing details, electrical plans, foundation and floor plans, and more. The PDF file contains all the cabin blueprints you'll need to build it.

The Lookout Cabin from Today's Plans. LSU AgCenter. This 3-page PDF file isn't as detailed as the other cabin plans from this list, but you will find large images of the floor plan. Unfortunately, none of the pictures in this plan have specific measurements, but it does serve as a good overview if you're looking for an idea for how the rooms should be arranged. Cabin Plans Follow this free cabin plan and you'll have a cabin complete with a living room, kitchen, bedroom, bath, and loft.

Here's another free cabin plan from Instructables and this one will get you an off-grid cabin that's a small 8' X 8' size.

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It includes a kitchen, desk, and closet with storage cabinets, a bathroom, and an RV water system and propane system. You'll find a materials list, diagrams, and step-by-step directions to help you build this cabin. Off-Grid Cabin Plan from Instructables.

The Cottage Life Bunkie Plan. How to Build a 12' X 20' Cabin on a Budget. This is a free cabin plan from Instructables that shows how to build a small cabin. The Lookout Cabin. It has one small bedroom and a full bathroom, as well as an upstairs, lavatory, and balcony.

Two Bedroom Free Cabin Plan. Download this PDF for a free cabin plan that features two bedrooms with a loft and a basement.

How to Build a Log Cabin (…from Scratch and by Hand)

Continue to 5 of 7 below. Three Bedroom Cabin Plan. Dream Cabin With a Loft. Read More.

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