Each station has been added to this directory with permission. We did a little work and you reap the rewards and now we offer it to you free to use! Be sure to check back often, new stations will be added all the time! Here are some great tips to increase your chances at having successful music submissions to radio, blogs, reviewers and interviewers.

Take your time and make it part of your art to have great looking submissions! Make these tips your new submission habit! Don't use promotional language when submitting. Act like you are talking to the program director to their face. Use casual language that doesn't promote anything, introduce yourself as a person. Do NOT submit blindly! Choose only those sites that best fit your artistic works.

Include all your social links at the bottom of the submission.

Submitting Music

Listing your site here will also move your website up in the ranks for internet searches! Easy Form. We are listed in iTunes Radio and the Tunein mopile app. Dagr8fm 1 Global Hip Hop Station. Generation Zel! Always looking for independent artists! Radio is a digital station with a focus on electronic dance music EDMspecifically big room, house and trance. This show is but a small part of the Radio Network; The most interactive radio network on the planet.

Submissions are welcome from metal, rock, punk and any sub-genre of the three even if it's dub-stepish sounding. Progressive stuff rocks too! Don't miss out on another opportunity, we know you have missed some of them!

Starting now, the only way people are going to know about new or current opportunities will be via these newsletters. The station? We are always looking for independent artists, and always looking for fresh acts to promote worldwide! You won't just hear a little bit of Alternative. You'll hear everything from punk to new wave to grunge to indie, and more. For the best mix of alternative classics and brand new bands, there's only one QCIndie.

Have music you want heard on our station?Radio is and always has been a key media channel for artists and bands and the recent statistics from Rajar Radio Joint Audio Research found that some form of radio reaches nine out of 10 members of the public each week. Along with editorial playlists on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer etc, Radio is a key channel for getting your music out to a wider audience.

Across the UK, Europe and beyond there are hundreds of DJs and Stations that are supporting the independent music scene and they want to hear your music. DJs from local to national level are key promoters of independent artists at grass roots level and they play a vital role in the music eco-system.

Before submitting your music to the radio stations below make sure you are happy that the songs you are sending out reflect your best work. Take time on developing your songwriting, collaborate with like-minded musicians, learn and grow. If budget allows identify a pro producer to help guide you through the pre-production and production process. Also, double check that your music genre fits with that of the station.

Draft a list of stations and send them your EPK. A pro EPK will demonstrate that you are serious about your craft. Radio Reverb Rinse FM Live at The Great Escape Festival WaterBear Songwriting Dept. Will Digital streaming?? Share this Post Facebook.When you are just starting out as a Christian musician, you may struggle trying to figure out how to submit music to Christian radio stations.

When you submit worship songs, you need to know which radio stations are the best option for your style. It can be daunting to submit music to Gospel music stations, but you never know when your Gospel music song submission is the one that jumpstarts your career.

Here you will find some of the best radio stations and playlists to which to submit your music. Add This Music is a fantastic music blog that specializing in clean music. They have countless playlists that feature independent artists.

Among their most active playlists are those for Christian and Gospel music. Be sure to submit your music here for some quality engagement with a loyal fanbase. This radio station will play a wide range of musicas long as there are no explicit lyrics.

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You could pay to get more airtime, which they show you the proof of placement so that you know that you got what you paid for. Here is another radio station that takes submissions from independent artists across many genres. Each genre has a scheduled time during day. You will also get organic feedback that you can use to grow as an artist. Look Up radio is a channel that specializes in Christian and Gospel music of all types. Their goal is to share this music with the world to spread the Word of God.

You can easily submit your music by just visiting the website and submitting your music for consideration.

At this radio station, they want only high-quality and professional sounding music. There is no cost associated with getting playtime on this radio station. They will listen to all of the submissions and choose the ones that they feel will best fit in with their fan base.

You will only be contacted by this radio station if they choose to add your song into their rotation. Songs need to be high-quality and professional to be considered for airtime at this radio station.

They will also need quality lyrics and be readily available for the fans to purchase if they so choose to. Music must be mailed to the address listed on this website in order to be considered for airtime.

All of these channels want quality music. You have to be sure that you only submit your best work, as professionally produced as possible. This is your shot of reaching a massive audience, so you want to be sure that you take a great deal of care in putting your best efforts out there. This will inspire potential fans to look for more music by you, growing your audience and increasing your profits.

Even in a digital age, radio stations still offer a huge audience that you may not have been able to access before. After you submit your track to radio stations, consider promoting on SoundCloud, Spotify, and YouTube. Omari has the best organic promotion available and will boost your music with real engagement! Join the Artist Help Program to get my music marketing blueprint that helped me grow my music business to over 6 figures a year!

You are free to unsubscribe at the link at the bottom of the emails at anytime. We use Mailchimp to send out our emails, so the information entered here will be transferred to our email list there.

radio stations that accept submissions

We will not sell your email or information to any 3rd party sites. We respect your privacy and wish to deliver quality content to your inbox to help you grow.

No Spam Guarantee. Powered by OptimizePress 2.Please fill out the form below and upload your MP3 for review. Thank you. Example: Artist — Song Title.

radio stations that accept submissions

MP3 file size must be smaller than 12megabytes. NO Mix-tapes allowed! If your file is larger than 12 mbs, you will need to reduce the file size to send it or you will not be able to send it. Choose your best song to send. Include your Twitter and Instagram Username with your music submission. If your song is approved for airplay, we will contact you to let you know when your music will be played. Maximum file size: 12mb. Plus, interviews with Killarmy's 9th Prince and Flavor Flav's former manager.

Opening up the vault. Log In Remember Me. Home Submit Music. Instructions : 1. How did you find out about Excitement Radio? Name of show if you are submitting music for a particular show.

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Acceptable file types: mp3. MP3 explicit. On Air Now. Get Ready Love Jones Live Rescheduled Date TBA. Featured Artist. Monitored By DRT. Podcast Shows.As we live in a digital age, it is probably easier for you to submit your music to us via Bandcamp, Facebook, Reverbnation, Soundcloud, or Sonicbids.

Got links? Just email them to brandon tinderboxmusic. Please include a little bit about yourself as well. If you have a one sheet that is less than 7MB in size, you may attach that. If you like to do things old school, you can also send us physical submissions. Please send only full length or EP length CDs. Plus, hearing a complete album gives us a better idea of what you sound like.

Your CD must be radio ready. By this we mean that it should have been professionally recorded, mixed, and mastered. There is a standard of sound quality that goes along with even being considered for airplay. Watch out for profanity. If your songs have swearing in them, it can make obtaining airplay more difficult.

More than one person will probably want to review your CD, and this may have to be done outside the office. We will try to get back to you as soon as humanly possible. We do promise that we will get back to everyone who submits material via phone, email, or snail mail regarding your submission and you can typically expect to hear from us within 48 hours.

Please remember to include all of your contact information: Name Address Phone Number s Email Address Best time and place to reach you. When sending a physical submission please include a cover letter containing any information we should know about you. Minneapolis, MN Remember, if you want to submit your music digitally without signing up for Sonicbids, you can email your music and information directly to brandon tinderboxmusic.

If you would like to send us your music, here are some things you should know: There are two ways to submit; Physically or Digitally. Links only please. Please remember to include all of your contact information: Name Address Phone Number s Email Address Best time and place to reach you When sending a physical submission please include a cover letter containing any information we should know about you.Media Coordinator.

Music Director. Idaho Music.

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WXRY Unsigned. Digital vs Physical Music Submissions Above are some of the public radio stations in America that accept music submissions based on information on their websites. Unfortunately, several radio stations as of still only accept CDs or vinyl and do not play electronic files. That's a huge disadvantage to both the artist and the station because it presumes that the only legitimate music worth playing is music that has been manufactured for commercial release.

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If someone is going to spend the money to manufacture CDs it's more than likely it's for commercial purposes since if music were just a hobby it can easily be distributed at no cost as mp3s, aac or wav files. Not only is this a big waste of money, it's wasteful to the environment.

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It makes much more sense for both commercial and noncommercial artists to distribute their music electronically. If you must make CDs, it should be limited pressings based on demand. Keep in mind that iTunes has been the number one music retail outlet in America since In addition to the stations above, there are syndicated radio shows to consider, such as Echoeswhich is heard on over public radio stations in America.

The two hour show is aired daily and accepts digital files, but prefers CDs.The biggest part of becoming a well-known musician is by getting discovered. You could do a lot of local shows and become a local gem, but how do you spread your wings and get a wider audience base?

The answer to this is that you need to find radio stations that will play your music.

radio stations that accept submissions

For instance, you can submit your music to college radio stations free and they will decide if your music fits with their vibe. It never hurts to try.

Many musicians have sent their music out a lot before they started to get noticed, but their careers took off once they did. Here are some radio stations for you to check out. They let you submit as many tracks as you want with the one time fee for licensing opportunities with TV, Film, and more. With over 3 million listeners, this is a great way to get some valuable airplay from a Fiverr gig.

As a UK based station, this is a great way to start building an international following. They offer promotion services through Fiverr and have three packages ranging from 1 month to 8 months of rotation in on their station. With this station you will need to write out an E-zine article, which can include photos and a video about you or your band. They will also feature you in their music news section as well as play your music. This is a syndicated station that gets featured elsewhere, so you need to be sure that you are registered with those other sites if you want to get royalties for your music getting playtime.

You get a unique opportunity display your music on their website in order to see if there is any interest in your music at all, which will help you get very beneficial feedback as to how to improve your songs.

There are a wide range of genres that are accepted on this station, so you do need to see if your music fits into their rotations. Spinz FM is another station very similar to Tone Flame, where they also offer to feature you on their music news pages and promote the song on social media. Join the Artist Help Program to get my music marketing blueprint that helped me get over 4 Million Hits!

No Spam Guarantee. Powered by OptimizePress 2. Radio Invasion. KSUN Radio.

How To Get A Song On The Radio [BIG Insider Secrets!]

KSUN They broadcast real FM as well as to online listeners. This is a community access and Public radio station that plays a variety of programs including local and unsigned music. They have a loyal following and promotion from them can carry you a long way!


Tone Flame Radio. Dynasty Promotion. Spinz FM. Dig It? Leave A Comment. Get Instant Access. Twitter Facebook 35K Fans. Soundcloud Youtube 7.

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