Bundle and save with this kit, which includes one of every item below. This next-level content sounds incredible through the newly designed, bi-amped speaker system with wide stereo audio field.

Navigate with ease using the 7" TFT touch screen, or setup the assignable buttons to access your preferred functions. Other new features include a joystick controller, Chord Looper, new keyboard action inherited from Yamaha synthesizers, new insertion effect structure, Style section reset, and more.

psr sx900

Six height adjustment settings allow to you achieve the most comfortable placement for optimal performance on stage and in the studio. And its spring-loaded handle offers quick, on-the-fly changes. Made with heavy-duty steel construction and non-slip rubber end caps so your instrument stays where you put it.

psr sx900

With a lightweight 40mm neodymium driver, soft leatherette earpads and versatile hinge design, the MGSH offers extended frequency response, hours of comfort, and easy storage and handling. Proline Professional Sustain Pedal Standard sustain pedal with switchable polarity. Larger chassis with rubber skid on the bottom to prevent your pedal from jumping around on hard floors.

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Your refund will be promptly processed upon successful evaluation of your returned item from our trained category professionals in business days. Refunds are made for product value only, excluding shipping and handling charges.Onacimus adds last 5 styles to SMP2 collection update. Update now complete. The links at the top of this page and every page take you to the main sections of the PSR Tutorial.

Each is described briefly below:. New items are added to the site on a regular basis. The What's New page is updated whenever new information is added to the site. Hearing just what can be accomplished with these arranger keyboards is a major part of the Songs section, which includes many examples of songs from the PSR Performers.

The link here and at the top of the home page takes you directly to this section where you can browse through many performers from around the world and listen to their songs.

The " Recent Additions " box shows the 10 most recent items songs, styles, articles, etc that have been added to the PSR Tutorial. The Site Directory provides a bird's eye view of the major sections and the hundreds of pages available in the PSR Tutorial. You can access the directory from the link here or the one at the top of the Home page. The Search Page let's you hone in on a particular topic or phrase you may be looking for.

That page, accessed from this link or the one at the top of this page, provides a search box to enter your query and view the results of your search. Recent Additions Ernie Mulder - Java. Onacimus adds 5 new styles to SMP2 collection.Moderator: Joe W. Comments and suggestions plaudits and criticism from members about this forum or the main PSR Tutorial site. Last post by tomtomsf in Re: Happy Easter Everyon Questions and Hints on how to do various things in using and navigating the forum boards and messages.

Last post by mcbrown in Re: Avatar Size and Form Moderators: Joe WRoger Brenizer. Moderator: Roger Brenizer. Last post by abr in Re: Features of 2 keyboa Moderator: mikf. Although the Clavinova is a digital piano, it includes styles and other features very similar to what are found on the Tyros and PSR model keyboards. These digital pianos incorporate features similar to those in the Clavinova as well as the arranger keyboards.

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Navigate with ease using the 7-inch TFT touch screen, or set up the assignable buttons to access your preferred functions. These package deals include the accessories you'll need to get the most out of your new arranger workstation, all for one low price. If you have any questions, please contact us. Our knowledgeable sales advisors will be happy to assist in choosing the bundle that's right for you!

View as Grid List. Show 24 36 Add to Cart View Details. Compare Wishlist. Filter By. Shopping Options Manufacturer. Stand Type. X-Style 2 items. Keyboard Stand Tiers. Audio Receiving 4 items. Black 4 items.

New 4 items. Show Bundles. Hide Bundles 4 items Show Bundles Only 3 items. Piano Cabinet Style. Portable 4 items.

PSR Tutorial

Number of Keys.These new models incorporate many features from the new flagship Genos keyboard that are not available in the current PSR-Sxxx series and thus mark the next generation of Yamaha keyboards.

Here are some of the new features in these keyboards:. Touch-screen display - The 7" touch display and new graphic user interface GUI provide intuitive control over the instrument's powerful features. This interface matches the interface on the Genos. This new display also highlights several of the new features.

The midrange models now have a third right-hand voice. The bottom line of the main display contains the shortcut icons which let you call up various functions with a single touch. Touching a shortcut icon calls up the display of the corresponding function.

Other new unique features include:. The styles are now grouped into nine style categories. The styles that are exclusive to the SX are marked with a " - 9" and shown with a blue background. Two styles appear only in the SX and they are marked with a " - 7" and shown with a red background. The category titles indicate the total number of styles in the SX and the SX Basically all sorted, most sound really good.

To simplify download, the styles are divided into zip files in 12 categories. These elegant, all-in-one instruments, which replace the PSR-S and PSR-S respectively, inherit inspiring content and powerful features from Genos, the world's most advanced Digital Workstation keyboard.

Just as Genos set a new standard when it was introduced by the company last year, the new mid-priced keyboards are poised to raise the bar for workstations at more affordable price points, making it even easier to streamline creative flow, transform musical ideas into fully-arranged productions, and to recall them at the touch of a button. How an Arranger Workstation sounds, and the ease with which the user can control these sounds, are critical considerations to the creative process.

psr sx900

Both share a brilliant 7-inch TFT touch screen that incorporates the same intuitive graphic user interface offered on Genos, allowing users to easily navigate Voice and Style assignments, as well as assess and adjust other settings. Six new assignable controller buttons have been added beneath the touch screen, each of which can be assigned a desired function. A new joystick controller with modulation hold opens up expressive possibilities and is ideally suited for almost every genre of music.

Using these keyboards, songwriters can get from an idea to a fully arranged demo faster than ever, and performers can get the room moving in no time.

psr sx900

As with their predecessors, both new keyboards can be used with the optional Yamaha KS-SW subwoofer, which makes the already powerful onboard speaker systems sound even bigger. LovelyShuffle MotorCity Mr.Load them to your PSR-SX and instantly play authentic sounds, rhythm and backing in the musical style of your choice! Please use Yamaha Expansion Manager version 2.

Please contact Yamaha MusicSoft customer support. Pre-installed Expansion Contents is the expansion content data pre-installed on the PSR-SX, which is specially provided for playing music suitable in your locale. African pre-installed expansion pack offers 3 new drumkits including authentic, high-quality recordings of professional musicians playing talking drum, in addition to 10 new styles.

The Europe pack covers various genre of traditional music throughout the Europe. The pack includes high quality sound of Accordion, Trompeta, Bajo Sexto and Gritos callsproviding a high level of authenticity. Oriental pre-installed expansion pack has gathered many content from across the Middle East, including Super Articulation!

Nay, Mizmar, Kamancheh and many more. Whistles, Accordion and others; Spanish Flamenco Perc incl. Cajon; Ital.

Yamaha PSRSX900 61-Key Arranger Workstation

Ballroom Sounds incl. Mexican Pack 2 includes a variety of special Styles that compliment the original Mexican Pack and brings the most diverse range of real Mexican music to your instrument. The pack includes Voices from the famous PSR Enjoy the unique characteristic sounds of PSR Created for supporting educational programs for digital keyboards in music schools and arts schools, the Russian Educational Style Pack includes various styles based on symphonic music.

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You can classical works by Bach, Mozart, Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninov, Glinka and other famous composers.

You can get unique symphonic waltzes and marches, baroque music and historic dances polka, minuet, polonaise and other as Styles.

Yamaha Introduces PSR-SX700 and PSR-SX900 Arranger Workstations

In addition, this Expansion pack contains Styles for electronic music, the arrangement from digital keyboards class in music schools. Keyboard Instruments Toggle navigation. World Music Expansion Packs. Mexican Yamaha Expansion Manager compatible data. Symphonic Music Yamaha Expansion Manager compatible data. More Pack available!

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Special Contents.Upon playing the PSR-SX for the first time, I was immediately taken aback by the authenticity of some of the sounds. Safe to say the guys from Supertramp would be happy with this one. The selection of organ tones is pretty impressive as well, starting with the Hammond. As most organ players would know, there is a tonne of tonal variation that can be realised with the Hammond. To their credit, Yamaha does well to provide us with just a few of these.

Обзор синтезатора Yamaha PSR-SX900

For instance, the warm, whirly tone used by Booker T. Jones, to the brighter, overdriven tones, commonly used by prog legends such as Keith Emerson and Rick Wakeman back in the day. Even the slightly less popular Vox Continental combo sound — the trademark of Ray Manzarek of The Doors — is bang on the money.

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The only issue here in the organ department is the rotor pedal setting: instead of a seamless slow-to-fast rotor transition, there is an audible break in the sound which is rather off-putting.

The brass sounds — which I believe to be some of the trickiest for keyboard designers to replicate — are delightfully authentic on the PSR-SX The grand and upright piano sounds, on the other hand, are comparatively thin and one dimensional. The tonal roundness that you would expect from an acoustic piano is virtually absent, and when used with a sustain pedal, the sound decays much quicker than it should.

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Personally, I would preference the other electric keyboard sounds that the PSR-SX has to offer above the piano ones. However, they absolutely nailed the newly designed, bi-amped speaker system. For starters, you can crank the volume reasonably loud without any crackling or annoying internal buzzing that you may experience with other keyboards. Another interesting thing about the speakers is their positioning. However, the speakers on the SX model are positioned so as to also project the sound towards the audience.

I would go so far as to say that, if you were a soloist performing in a small, intimate venue, then the built-in speakers would most likely suffice. The newly-designed, seven inch touch screen makes it easy to navigate through myriad sounds, rhythms and settings. The format is pretty straightforward: you can choose one sound for the left hand, then up to three in the more expansive right-hand region. The end result is a well-balanced amalgam of sounds, with both high and low frequencies having plenty to say.

Singers also have a few reasons to be happy with this model.

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The SX allows them to run their microphone through the keyboard, add harmonies over the top, and even treat their vocals with some quirky vocoder settings. Once again, there is a comprehensive set of rhythms to choose from, derived from a number of different genres — rock, Latin, and EDM just to name a few.

This essentially allows you to loop a chord progression of your choice, and improvise over the top as you wish. You can program up to eight different sets of chord progressions, which is more than ample. Equipment Keyboard modx6 synthesiser Music music gear music technology producer product review Review sound production Synth Yamaha Yamaha Synths.

Over the years, Yamaha have proven themselves to be one of the most innovative and dependable creators of musical instruments in the world. From grand pianos to trumpets, bass guitars to clarinets, they seldom fail to deliver. It offers a completely unprecedented level of sophistication and practicality for songwriters, who can now practise, write, demo and perform using the same piece of equipment. Piano sounds fall short, not properly compatible with pedal Chord looper may encourage predictable songwriting.

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